Welcome to Magee Choirs and Orchestra


Well this certainly has been an interesting year! I would like to thank everyone in the music department for their courage and their hearts in this time of challenge!

We would like to say thank you to all of the grads for all of their contributions to the music department over the years and wish them all well on their journeys!

Also we unfortunately will say farewell to Mr. Haas as he moves onto the next part of his journey! He has been a mainstay at Magee for the past 20 years and we will miss him immensely! Thank you Mr. Haas for inspiring us for the last 20 years!

And finally, we don’t know what September will look like, but we are cautiously hopeful! Whatever 2020/21 brings, we will make it amazing because you are all amazing! Enjoy the grad video and stay safe and healthy over the summer!

Most Sincerely,

Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra