Welcome to the Magee Music Community!

Shredding fundraiser Saturday October 24th from 10am – 2pm!!

shredwise truck

How does it work? Simple! Bring all your document paper shredding to the Magee south driveway and drop it off with a donation (minimum suggested donation of $5 per bag/$10 box) to the Magee Music Program! Your documents will be shredded on the spot in the truck parked there. Next shredding event following October 24th will be on Saturday May 1, 2021 – just in time for tax season!

Hello and welcome back!Kids-going-back-to-school

It seems like it has been so long since we have been here, but I am so excited to say WELCOME BACK to all of our Magee Music community! We have missed you and although there have been many changes in general here, there has been one big major change here in the Magee Music Department. Mr. Chris Haas has been the beacon of band excellence in the district and a fixture at Magee. And after 20 years, he has decided to move on and help some students a little closer to his home. So it is with great sadness that in June we had to bid farewell to Mr. Haas as he takes his gifts and starts a new chapter at Moscrop Secondary in Burnaby. We know that he will give those students an incredible musical experience and we wish him all the best as he continues on his journey.

But as one door closes, another opens and we are overjoyed to welcome Mr. Keith Ollerenshaw to the band position at Magee. Mr. Ollerenshaw has built incredible programs on Salt Spring Island and last year he filled in for Mr. MacLennan at Lord Byng Secondary and carried on the tradition of excellence there. Coming with great credentials and a passion for music, especially jazz, Mr. Olloerenshaw is intent on continuing the musical tradition here at Magee and building it even stronger. Welcome Mr. Ollerenshaw – we look forward to great things from you!

We all want you to know that we are incredibly excited to begin making music again with all of you and we have put in a lot of measures in order to ensure that everyone can make music in the safest way possible. From distancing, to making sure masks and face shields are worn at all times when students are singing, to plexiglass barriers between director and singers, to sanitizing every student as they enter the music rooms and checking temperatures electronically, every precaution has been put in place in order to make students and parents as comfortable and confident as possible during this unprecedented time in history. We are dedicated to creating the safest environment possible while offering the best possible musical experience, as only the Magee Music Department can.

As of now, much of the calendar, which is posted in case we are somehow able to get back to normal, does not apply. Concerts are indefinitely postponed, however we are trying to come up with some creative solutions from possible recordings or streaming performances, but we will be flexible and take things as they come and find creative safe ways to make memorable musical experiences. All overnight field trips are also suspended until further notice, so that includes overnight retreats and tours unfortunately, and we will have to see what the possibilities are for day retreats. Information will become available as we get it and will be passed to the students.

shredwise truck

We will continue with our fundraising opportunities for students to build their travel credits as well as strengthen the Magee Music Society, who continually works for the betterment of the entire program. So our first fundraising activity will be the Shredding Fundraiser on Saturday October 24 from 10am-2pm in the Magee parking lot. So come and clear out your attics and garages and bring your documents to be shredded in front of your eyes for a suggested donation of $5 per bag/$10 per box of materials. All the proceeds will go to helping Magee Students through scholarships and/or bursaries or for helping to provide the music department with materials to help your children have a greater musical experience! Following that, we will be having our Purdy’s Chocolate fundraiser and possibly our annual Poinsettia fundraiser as well, but more information on that will follow as we get closer to it.purdys-weblogo-color

Yes this year will be different than any other, but it will also be like any other year because it will filled with passion, love, and care for music and for each other. We will discover more about ourselves and strengthen our resilience and our humanity and through it, music will unite us and be the common thread that will bond us together. I am so excited to see the possibilities come to fruition and continue on this amazing musical journey with all of you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either myself at gquan@vsb.bc.ca or Mr. Ollerenshaw at kollerenshaw@vsb.bc.ca

We look forward to making this year memorable and miraculous with all of you and your children.

Most Sincerely,

Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra