Welcome to the Magee Music Community!

Please click on the above link/video to see our promotional video for our fine arts department to our elementary schools and whomever is thinking of coming to Magee from another school 🙂

Hello and Happy New Year!

It sure is nice to finally close the book on what was a very unique year and usher in 2021 with brevity and new hope! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and that your families and friends are all safe and healthy. As we move forward into this new year, we at the Magee Music Department are so grateful for your support and feel very lucky to be able to continue doing great work with such incredible students. Their courage and willingness to adapt in the face of adversity has been nothing short of amazing and we thank all of you for that.

In November, we pioneered a new district initiative of the first District Online Music Festival with the help and support of our new District Music Coordinator, Celia Jong. It was a test run in which we had both recorded performances and live streamed performances from 5 different schools and encompassing choir, band, and strings. This month, on January 28th, we will be continuing that with hosting the first VSB District Choral Online Festival and as of now we have 4 schools signed up and our adjudicator will be Ms. Janet Warren, a legendary retired choral teacher from North Vancouver. Following that, we will be hosting the first VSB District Band Online Festival on Tuesday February 2nd where our adjudicator will be former Magee Band Director, Mr. Peter Stigings. Both Festivals will be livestreamed and starting at 6pm. When we are able, we will post the link so you may watch it – look for it in the upcoming events sidebar!

We hope that you enjoyed the Holiday concerts and we will be sending out more of them as the spring goes on. 

The Magee Music Society is starting up again and we will be having monthly online meetings on the first Wednesday of every month beginning at 7pm over zoom. If you would like to attend one of these meetings, please email me at gquan@vsb.bc.ca and I will forward you the meeting details all are welcome to attend!


We will continue with our fundraising opportunities for students to build their travel credits as well as strengthen the Magee Music Society, who continually works for the betterment of the entire program. So our next fundraising activity will be the Shredding Fundraiser on Saturday May 1st from 10am-2pm in the Magee parking lot. So come and clear out your attics and garages and bring your documents to be shredded in front of your eyes for a suggested donation of $5 per bag/$10 per box of materials. All the proceeds will go to helping Magee Students through scholarships and/or bursaries or for helping to provide the music department with materials to help your children have a greater musical experience!

shredwise truck

Thank you again for your passion, love and care for music and for each other. Together we will continue this journey and make every day memorable and wonderful and musically fulfilling! I am excited to keep moving forward and having the students progress exponentially both musically and personally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either myself at gquan@vsb.bc.ca or Mr. Ollerenshaw at kollerenshaw@vsb.bc.ca

We look forward to making 2021 memorable and miraculous with all of you and your children.

Most Sincerely,

Greg Quan

Artistic Director of Choirs and Orchestra