Welcome to the Magee Music Community!

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Junior Night December 9th, Senior Night December 14th – all shows start at 7pm and tickets in advance

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Welcome back to what is hopefully going to be a return to normal year in the Magee Music Department! We hope that you have had a wonderful summer break filled with happy memories and you feel rested and recharged for the upcoming year! We have been very busy coming up with plans and events for the year ahead, optimistically setting things up and hoping that we will be able to give your children a year of musical inspiration and moments of jubilation and excitement that will give them all the feels that many of us took for granted in the past. We have also continued to keep things in place for safety and to enable us to continue in a manner that will keep us healthy – we are happy to say that throughout last year, we had no cases or outbreaks in the music department, and we all continued to sing and play safely, creating some incredible musical moments. This year we will continue to sing masked and remain masked in string orchestra, and per the provincial recommendations, students in band will not be required to wear masks while playing wind instruments (woodwind and brass). And we will also continue with advanced safety protocols to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

Our events will begin for students right off the bat with the Section Leader Meeting happening in the choir room from 3:15-5:30pm on Wednesday September 8th. This is a wonderful way to start off the year on the same page where we get together with our leaders and plan out the year together.

Following that our first public event will be our Music Society Welcome Night in our atrium where you can meet our new wonderful executive board and meet the music teachers and hear some great music as our Chamber Choir and our Senior Jazz Band will perform. This is a great evening, especially for new students in the music department including all grade 8s. However, any and all students and their families involved with the music department are welcome to come. This evening will take place from 6:30pm-8:30pm on Tuesday September 28th. Please look for event details a week or two ahead!

October is normally our month for retreats, and we already have many planned for almost all of the ensembles including Evolution Choir, String Orchestra, Concert Choir, Beginner/Intermediate Band, and Chamber Choir and Wind Ensemble. Most of these are day retreats happening on evenings and weekends, so they will not interfere with the student’s studies. Again, look to the event calendar for further information as it becomes available.

And then October 16th will mark the return of our bi-annual Document Shredding Fundraiser! This fantastic event has garnered a lot of interest over the past few years that we have been doing it and we have been happy to host this community event! Please come by between the hours of 10am-2pm and clean out your attics and garages of all sensitive documents and bring them down to the Magee driveway and get them shredded right in front of your eyes! Minimum suggested donation is $5 per bag and $10 per box and all proceeds go to help students in the music department.

Then our first major concert is on Tuesday November 2nd at the Pacific Spirit United Church. Instrumental Groups will perform from 6pm-7:30pm and Choral Groups will perform from 8:15-9pm. This concert is a ticketed event and limited to 100 tickets per half and all proceeds go directly to scholarships for Magee Music Students. Our annual fall concert will include all choirs (Concert Choir, Evolution Choir, Chamber Choir), all orchestras (String Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra), Intermediate band and Wind Ensemble.

Please look out for information regarding some of our other fall/winter fundraisers – our annual Purdy’s Chocolate sale for Christmas as well as our Poinsettia sale.

We are so excited to come back and make beautiful music once again with your children and we can not wait to see you all again live and in person at our concerts!

Please ensure that you have received the Music Society Welcome Package from your children, which will include information about the music society, membership form, and uniform order forms and please ensure that the forms that are relevant to you get returned in a timely manner.

Hoping to see all of you at the Music Society/Music Department Welcome night on September 28th and we can’t wait to have a spectacular year together in one of the province’s premier music department’s at Magee!   

Most Sincerely,

Greg Quan and Keith Ollerenshaw

Artistic Directors of the Magee Music Department